FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:49 am

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions by players

1. What is the max level?

- Max level is 270

2. Where do I level up?

- Here is a link of a guide created by our dear players

3. Where do I hunt gold and items?

- You can hunt gold and items in any map the same with official gameplay the higher the map level, the
   higher and better are the drops

4. How do I Unlock skills?

- You can Unlock skills thru scrolls or you can use gold to unlock and upgrade your skills directly
  from the Skills tab without any scrolls

5. How do I Craft items?

- Required Materials and amount needed are already indicated in-game in our Item Compounding Tab.

6. Where do I hunt Crafting Materials

- Almost all maps drop Refines and Crafting Materials starting from Prison, Middle Hole, Root Hole,
   Head B and Saint Research Map

7. Where do I get Premium Points (PP)?

- Premium Points can be obtained thru Archidium Map Event that will be open by our ADMIN during
   special occasions or events only. You can also purchase Premium Points in our Vote Shop in the

8. What is the use of Premium Points?

- Premium Points can be used to buy Premium Costumes with stats,  Megaphone, Reform Card,
  Seal Card, Exp Items accessories, Oblivion Potions, Premium Wings and Miscellaneous Items
  such as:
  Buddy Transmission and Business Store Permit Cards
  Back Point and Start Point Pass
  Backpack Expansion Card
  Hairstyle and Hair Color Card
  Pets and Pet Skills

9. Where can I buy these items?

- Dispatched Ex Premium Teacher located in Marketplace

10. What is the use of Contribution Points?

- You can use Contribution Points to buy SOUL WEAPONS that can be used for crafting DARK WEAPONS

11. Where can I get Contribution Points?

- Contribution points can be obtained thru Archidium Map Event that will be open by our ADMIN during
  special occasions or events only.

12. Are there any Donations in this server?

- We only accept donations thru V-points. Our server does not offer any Donate Items or skills donation
  because our server gameplay is hunt your own items

13. How much is the donation for V-points

- Kindly check the rates of Php to V-points in the link below:

14. How do I send my donation?

- Procedure for donation for V-points: http://archidiumgamingep10.talk-forums.com/t1-donation-procedures

15. What is the use of V-Points?

- So far, V-Points can be used to purchase items in our Vote Shop and for Change School

16. Are there other ways for me to earn V-Points?

- Yes. You can earn V-points thru Voting our server and also thru Gametime points.

17. How do I exchange my Gametime points to V-points?

Step 1: Log in your account in our website
Step 2: Look for SELECT FUNCTIONS drop down option and look for the  Account Settings Option
Step 3: Click Account Settings and you will be directed to your Account details
Step 4: Locate Gametim Points and Click "Claim Reward" Beside Gametime
            Points to exchange Gametime points for V-points

18. What is the use of APU Ticket?

- You can use APU Ticket to craft (Z)Weapons

19. Where do I get APU Tickets?

- APU Tickets can be obtained thru Archidium Map Event that will be open by our ADMIN during
  special occasions or events only.

20. What is the use of PvP Medals?

- You can use PvP Medals to craft FLAME WEAPONS

21. Where can I get PvP Medals?

- You can get PvP Medals from War events, Such as School wars, Club Wars as rewards

22. Where can I get Manuals for Sets and Accessories

- There is a Daily Suryun Event right after Club Wars wherein you can get
  Manuals as drop from Higher level suryun mobs.

23. Are we allowed to sell accounts?

- No. Selling of accounts is strictly prohibited. Kindly read our game rules here: http://archidiumgamingep10.talk-forums.com/t5-archidium-gaming-online-rules-and-regulations

24. Are we allowed to sell items for PhP?

- Yes we allow selling of items in-game to PhP but please be guided by our rules. Here are the guidelines
  for Php transactions: http://archidiumgamingep10.talk-forums.com/t3-buying-and-selling-rules

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